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ICE - Institute for Creditary Economics 

Dr. Dirk J Bezemer, Faculty of Economics, University of Groningen, the Netherlands 
Focus : Growth, finance and development
Education : Phd University Amsterdam, Grad.University of Wageningen
Work: Assistant Professor, Dept of Economics, University of Groningen
Authorship :
Various chapters in academic books and articles on agriculture, credit and trade in academic journals World Development, Comparative Economic Studies, Journal of Development Studies, Transnational Corporations, Applied Economics, Post-Communist Economies, Economic Systems, Journal of Economic Issues, Europe-Asia Studies and the Cambridge Journal of Economics Books: ‘On Eagle’s Wings: The Albanian Economy in Transition’. Nova Science Publishers, New York (2006); ‘Structural Change in the Post-Socialist Transformation of Central European Agriculture’. Thela Publishers, Amsterdam (2001)

Interests: Rural development & agriculture, poverty, social capital, credit markets, development finance, and trade reform
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Chris Cook, Linlithgow, Scotland
Focus : Enterprise Models – meaning legal and financial structures – and the principles, values, ethics, mechanisms, of markets generally and capital markets in particular; Economics as an Art; Metaphysics of Value.
Education : BSc Applied Mathematics & Computing Science, Sheffield University.
Work : Principal, Partnerships Consulting LLP. After an early career in the Insolvency and Fraud Investigation branches of the UK’s Department of Trade & Industry, 10 years in City regulation, latterly as a Director of the International Petroleum Exchange (now 'ICE'). Since then, an entrepreneur, strategic market consultant, futurist and commentator.
Authorship : numerous articles in the financial press, articles in Asia Times, and frequent articles and commentary in Islamic Finance News.
Papers :
If not Global Capitalism, then What? Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Birmingham University, 2003: Value in a knowledge-based Economy; Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, 2005.
Interests: Markets; Quality; Renewable Energy.
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Dr. James Cumes
, Vienna, Austria, 
Focus: Investment, productivity, production - full employment.
Education : Ph.D. (Economics; London); Grad. Diplomatic Studies (Canberra); BA (Economics; Queensland); 
Addresses in Canberra, Australia; Vienna, Austria; Cannes, France.
Work: Former Australian Ambassador/High Commissioner to European (including EU) and African countries, and to United Nations and other International Organisations, Vienna ; Director-General of Economic Division of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs; Australian Representative at, inter alia, OECD Ministerial Meetings ; UNCTAD ; Colombo Plan Consultative Committee ; Economic and Financial Committee of the United Nations General Assembly ; Governor on Board of International Atomic Energy Agency . Present chairman of VOW - Victory over Want
Authorship : Several books on history, philosophy/psychology and fiction as well as on/of post-Keynesian macroeconomics and investment: The Indigent Rich: A Theory of General Equilibrium in a Keynesian System (1971); Inflation: A Study in Stability (1974); The Reconstruction of the World Economy (1984); How to Become a Millionaire - without really working (1990) and America's  Suicidal Statecraft (2006).
Interests: Writing historical and issue-oriented novels and non-fiction in fields of economics, social affairs and human behaviour.
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Arno Mong Daastøl, Oslo, Norway and Erfurt, Germany
Focus: Economic development, -methodology, -trade, and transport
Education : PhD Cand. Universiteit Maastricht , Netherlands and Universität Erfurt, Germany, Grad. Univ. of Bergen & Oslo, Norway
Work: Established the consultancies InnoTrans, formerly Norsk SporTaxi
Authorship: Articles on economic methodology, -history -policy, public accounting and -procurement, innovative transportation
Interests: History,
-of economics, public goods, economic integration, innovative transport,
Contact:, ph (+47): 6300 8590 /90024956
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Kevin Donnelly, Manchester, United Kingdom
B. Ed University of Manchester 1971, and MA University of Leicester 1979
Monetary reform, micro-finance, basic income, debt, ethics
Interests: Engaged in studies in Biblical Economics - see Wythenshawe Prompt website

Dr. Sebastian Dullien, Berlin, Germany
Focus: European monetary integration, currency boards, exchange rate regimes, international finance, monetary theory & policy, macroeconomics.
Education : MA in Economics, FU Berlin, Germany. PhD FU Berlin.
Work:Leader writer at Financial Times Deutschland, Berlin, Germany.
Former work experiences include: DEZENTRAL Software: programming software for public sector accounting, DIW Berlin (German Institute for economic research): free lance consulting.

Authorship: Interaction of Monetary Policy and Wage Bargaining in the European Monetary Union. Lessons from the Endogenous Money Approach (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)
Home page: + Eurowatch - Monitoring economics and economic governance of the euro area

Geoffrey Gardiner, Knutsford, United Kingdom
Focus: Banking reform, international finance and accounting, UK, Europe
Education : MA Cambridge, FCIS ACIB
Work: Formerly director of the Financial Services Division of Barclays Bank
Authorship: Towards True Monetarism (1993), The Evolution of Creditary Structures and Controls (2006) ( review, buy ), numerous articles on financial policy, accounting and taxation. 
Ancient archeology, Originator of the term 'Creditary Economics', with Christopher Meakin, in 1994

Prof. Dr. Michael Hudson, New York, USA

Focus: Balance of payments statistics, systemic risk management, trade, debt, and history of economic thought
Work: Director of ISLET, Statistical economics and international finance, with emphasis on balance of payments analysis and flow-of-funds accounts. Former balance-of-payments analyst for the Chase Manhattan Bank, Arthur Andersen and the Hudson Institute (with Herman Kahn), and professor of international economics at the New School, New York. Consultant to the U.S., Canadian, Mexican, Cuban and Russian governments, UNITAR and corporate money managers. 
Publications include 34 books on the history of American Political Economy 
Authorship includes: Super Imperialism: the economic strategy of American empire (1968); A financial payments-flow analysis of U.S. international transactions, (1970); The myth of aid: The Hidden Agenda of the Development Reports (1971); Economics and Technology in 19th Century American Thought - The Neglected American Economists (1975, 2nd ed. 2002); Global fracture: the new international economic order (1977); Canada in the new monetary order: borrow? Devalue? (1978); Banking and finance in West Germany (1984); Trade, Development and Foreign Dept. A History of Theories of Polarisation and Convergence in the International Economy (1992); Privatization in the Ancient Near East and Classical World (1994); Urbanization And Land Ownership In The Ancient  Near East (1999), Super Imperialism: The Origin and Fundamentals of US World Dominance (2nd ed. 2002) as well as numerous articles on related themes.
Interests: Film director, analyst of cla
ssical music, ancient archeology.
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Christopher Meakin, London, United Kingdom
Focus: Emergence of economic systems since earliest times, and on modern issues such as functioning of international banks and financial markets, postwar UK economic history and economic effects of transport; authority on road/rail transport and airports policy. 
Education : BA and MA, Oxford University, in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. 
Work: Head of research Economic Research Council, London. Member of the advisory committee to the UK Statistics Commission, Formerly journalist with the Financial Times (1965-); The Times (London) and Economic Editor of Industry Week, and more recently on Punch. Founding consultant of the international Public Relations organisation Shandwick, director of economic and transport policy for the Britain's Chambers of Commerce, first director for smaller firms for the Confederation of British Industry. Head of international Public Affairs for Chemical Bank (now Chase) and of public affairs for HSBC globally (Hong-Kong Shanghai Bank) ; of financial and media relations for BAT Industries etc. Member of various UK Government advisory committees on economic development, crime prevention, Port of London and rail transport, and of EU committee on small firms. Former council member of European PR Roundtable, UK Investor Relations Society, and deputy Leader of Opposition, Southwark Borough Council, London, established the transport consultancy MeakinPicarda. 
Authorship : Forthcoming book "The Origins of Economics" as well as many hundred articles etc published on economics in UK, South Africa and elsewhere.
Originator of the term 'Creditary Economics', with Geoffrey Gardiner, in 1994.
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Gunnar Tómasson
, Washington, USA  
Focus: National monetary reform and financial policy coordination, regulatory issues,
international monetary arrangements, principles of economic analysis.
Education : Iceland, BA Manchester University, MA Harvard University
Work: International Monetary Fund (1966-1989): Advisor, Asian Department 1974-1979; Advisor, Middle Eastern Department, 1979-1989; independent research and consulting, 1989 to present.
Authorship : Author of numerous articles on economic methodology, monetary theory and policy, and national economic policy issues.
Interests: Philosophy, Physics, Saga-Shakespeare Myth and Literature.


Hugh Whinfrey, Århus, Denmark

Focus: Economic cycles (Kondratiev), Productivity and technology.

Education: Univ. of Washington: B.S.C.E. (1977), B.A. Danish (1977), B.S. Mathematics (1994), B.A. Russian (1994), B.A. Economics (1994), B.A. Comparative Literature (1994).

Work: Aerospace engineer at Boeing (757/767 design, ditto for General Dynamics and McDonnell-Douglas), 15 years implementing CAD/CAM technology in US aerospace sector, CAD/CAM Director at Mattel Electronics, 1980s to early 1990s, President of Precision Technology Services in Bellevue, Washington (US), currently Svarsmaal Consulting (translation of Scandinavian to English)
Interests: Classical Greece, Russian history and literature, physics.


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Dr. L. Randall Wray, New York & Kansas, USA
Focus: Monetary and fiscal theory and policy, banks, banking reform, financial instability and employment policy. 
Work: Professor, Economics Department, University of Missouri-Kansas City,
Research Director: Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, and Senior Scholar: Jerome Levy Economics Institute,
Authorship: Money and credit in capitalist economies: the endogenous money approach (1990); Understanding modern money: the key to full employment and price stability (1998), Contemporary Post Keynesian Analysis (with Mathew Forstater) (2004), Credit and State Theories of Money. The Contributions of A. Mitchell Innes  (2004); Money, Financial Instability And Stabilization Policy
(2006) as well as numerous articles on related themes. 
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Stephen Zarlenga, Chicago and New York, USA
Focus: Monetary History, Theory and Reform.
Education: University of Chicago, 1963.
Work: Director, American Monetary Institute, New York, since 1996.
Publications include 21 books on money, banking, politics and philosophy by various authors.
Authorship includes: The Lost Science of Money,
2002; American Monetary Institute, Valatie, NY. Der Mythos Vom Geld - die Geschichte Der Macht, 1999, Conzett Verlag, Zurich. Refutation Of Menger's Theory Of The Origin Of Money, 1997; A Brief History Of Interest; 1999, the Swiss Money Museum. Henry George's Concept of Money, 2001, R.S. Schalkenbach Foundation.
Various newspaper and magazine articles and interviews on monetary subjects.
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